“Safety isn’t expensive, Its’s priceless.”



Protecting biodiversity is protecting


Recycle, Reuse and Resupply


Reducing industrial pollution is our core value

Safety, Excellence and Integrity– motivates our movements and confirms that safety is core to every portion of our business. Our Zero Accident Statement is more than words, it guides the conduct of employees and contractors working on our job sites. We acknowledge that our company’s staff and professional are our biggest asset. FABCON is committed to the philosophy and practice of achieving and sustaining an accident-free work environment.
FABCON’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been certified since 2010, in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 International Standard. The OHSAS 18001 standard sets the framework for the systematic identification, assessment and management of risks for health and safety at workplaces; thus, contributing to the minimization of accident possibilities. Moreover, the certification requires the compliance with the relevant legislation and helps in the overall optimization of corporate performance.
In addition, FABCON invests systematically in the implementation of modern, up-to-date methods for identifying, assessing, preventing and eliminating potential hazards at work, giving particular emphasis to Workplace Health and Safety issues, reflecting a desire to achieve outstanding performance and meet the target of “ZERO WORKPLACE INJURIES”. Our internal safety program includes:
  • A daily job hazard analysis meeting.
  • All staff and team members are trained to look at safety before beginning of any take to reduce risk.
  • All team members are routinely trained and updated on the best safety practices.
  • All team members are rewarded for operating in a safe and productive manner.
  • All team members hours are tracked diligently to prevent fatigue and mitigate the risks related to exhaustion or stress.

Environment Protection POLICY

We are committed to minimize the impact on the environment as a result of our working activities. We strive for continual improvement in this area so that we minimize our impact on the community and other groups who may be affected by our work. As such FABCON will carry out all activities in a manner that provides consideration of the environment and the health and wellbeing of those involved. We will cooperate with relevant authorities and clients to meet statutory and contractual requirements. At FABCON every individual is responsible for providing a healthy, safe and environmentally clean work place. The goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of the firm by:
  • Complying with all applicable  environmental legislation and sustainability commitments.​
  • Measuring and analyzing the carbon footprint of our business activities in conjunction with other climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.
  • Preventing pollution and reducing consumption of resources through waste management strategies that promote waste minimization, re-use, recovery and recycling, as appropriate.
  • Incorporating energy efficiency measures into the firm’s facilities and promoting efficient energy use in all areas of business activity.
  • Adopt a procurement program which considers the environmental impact of products and services and supports the purchase of energy-efficient products.
  • Develop our environmental management systems and processes to improve our environmental performance during manufacturing.
  • Ensure our staff are aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them through regular awareness and training to minimize those impacts.
  • Considering environmental issues when leasing or purchasing property.
This Environmental Policy applies to our every operation. We will maintain an Environmental Management System, aligned with the main clauses of the ISO14001 standard, to provide a framework for implementing our Environmental Policy and auditing our progress. We will monitor and report on our environmental performance to our employees, clients and stakeholders.